Saturday, 2 April 2016

Who are you?

So I decided to make a post that was all about me!111!!
I have been stalking Zoella since the beginning of time and have recently seen a blog post titled 'Q&A 2009'. That's right. I have stalked Zoella's blog posts from 6 years ago. No shame.

As the title suggests, it is literally a Q&A session which actual people asked her, buuut I am not well-known and have no friends so I basically nabbed the questions and had a go myself; quality content.

Disclaimer: I have changed or removed some of the questions to suit my blog, for example I am not really into make-up. Also, Zoe was nineteen when she was asked these questions, if you wish to check the original out remember that she has probably changed slightly since she answered them... and she now uses apostrophes.
Love you really Zoe.

Do you have any siblings?
Yes! I have a younger sister and brother, both are in secondary school.

How old are you?
18 years of age

What’s your height?
5ft 8/9”? I’m not quite sure but I’m sorta kinda tall

What’s your top/dress size?
Ugh, 12 lmao

Do you have any diet plans/tips?
A big sack of nope

Do you workout/How do you stay so slim?
I do not workout, I used to go to the gym but quit because it was too far away and I don’t drive. (Ironic that I’m too lazy to walk there ;)) I’m not that slim.

Do you have any pets?
Yeeeeee I have a dog called Noah (I named him, but not after Noah with the ark… I just like the name) he is a cross between a poodle and a jack russell. I would like a cat but it's complicated.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like to read, play guitar, blog, write and other creative stuff. For some reason when I’m creative/ finish a project I feel really fulfilled.

Who inspires you?
J.K Rowling for sure, a woman who fell on hard times; previously suffered from depression and lived poorly and managed to create one of my favourite trilogies ever (Harry Potter… obviously). She’s now mega wealthy but to me that’s not why she’s inspiring, it’s because her story proves that she could use her imagination to achieve her dreams and immerse countless children into a fictitious world that inspires even today. Man, did anyone chop onions around here?

What do you feel is your greatest achievment?
I don’t know… I’m too lazy hhahah

What do you value most in life?
I’m actually gonna be really cynical but health; I’ve been in hospital countless times and trust me, the most important thing in your life is your health. I count my blessings every day that I’m healthy enough to go about my daily life, because some don’t have that opportunity.

What do you do?
I’m a student studying drama, history and English, working part-time as a cleaner (I’m absolutely shit at it fyi) I’m going to Uni in September I guess :/

What is your dream job?
Writing novels is my absolute dream, I love writing so much.

What did you take for your GCSE’S?
Creative Technology (which was basically sitting in a classroom searching memes), drama and history.

Do you have good grades?
My grades are pretty good, I got B’s at GCSE except for my A in English which deserves like a ripple of an applause, not quite standing ovation eh? At AS level I got an A in English and a C in history.

What is your ethnicity?
White British aka basic bitch.

Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yeah, I never used to because I went through a phase of ugh, marriage is a social construct of capitalism and shit music. But yeah, it would be nice to have a day where you can wear a beautiful dress and eat cake. Oh yeah, and marry your soulmate I guess.

Do you have any phobias?
I absolutely bloody hate heights; Mount Snowdon in Wales was so scary I was crying like 90% of the way down. I also fear falling down stairs, especially in front of people.

Have you ever had a near death experience?
I broke both my arms at the same time by doing a flip on a trampoline, deciding I didn’t want to half way through and putting my arms out instead of landing on my neck (you can die from snapping your neck depending on the break, I broke my arms pretty badly) … thank god I impulsively put my arms out hahah! My appendix also nearly burst, when the stuff inside it (muy technical) gets into the bloodstream, you can die. I have six scars/ battle wounds on my body in total.

Do you get mad easily?
Nah, not really. In drama I had to do a monologue that involved me getting angry and the teacher was like moooroeeee expressionnnnn I wannaaa see you angryyyyy!!!!

Where have you been on holiday & where was the best?
I have a scratch map in my room that is so disappointing I want to cry. But I have been to France, Spain, Greece, USA (Florida) and places in the UK. My favourite holiday was probably Florida but that may have been the excitement of an 8 year old mind at Disney Land.

Favourite childhood memory?
Maybe not my favourite but one that stands out is playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart on my DS Lite with my buddies, those were the days haha.

Beauty/Shopping… oh boy

Heels or flats?
Flats, although when I wear heels I’m taller than everyone and I LOVE IT.

Where do you buy most of your clothes from?
New look/ Primark/ basic high street shops.

Favourite Shop?

Favourite makeup brand?
Clinique and Mac.

Favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Isn’t Clinique drugstore? I mean I get mine from Boots... It’s expensive but I guess it counts for this one as well!

Favourite nail polish brand?
My fave atm is the Kate Moss range in Rimmel.

What was your first makeup item?
Foundation I think, because I started getting spots.

If you had your own makeup line what would you call it?
You’re buying my make up? Seriously? Ou or ‘Seriously Shit’ I think it has a nice ring to it tbh.

What are you into the most, if you HAD to choose one..Jewellery, Makeup, Shoes, Clothes?
Clothes bc I don’t wanna roam around naked thanks and no thanks.

What is your favourite shoe store?
Clarks; long lasting, high quality, rarely scuff brilliant lmao.

At what age did you start wearing makeup?
When I got to Secondary school, pretty young but it was to cover my spotty skin.

Do you wear falsies? If so which brand?
Nah, I've literally worn them once for prom.

Lipgloss or mascara?
Lipgloss is sticky and without mascara I look sickly. So… mascara…

Whats your worst shopping habit?
When I go on my rare shopping trips I buy EVERYTHING. I am savage against my minimum wage job. So my worst shopping habit is shopping in the first place

Do you have a signature scent?
Daisy, Marc Jacobs.

How do you take care of your hair?
My hair is greasy all the time, I try not to wash too often and I also try and use heat protector when I straighten it. Pretty basic.

Whats the colour of your natural hair & highlights?
Dark brown, almost black. I don’t have highlights.

What are your views on plastic surgery?
Probably wouldn’t myself because it’s so expensive it makes me cry (even though my nose is pretty fug) but if someone else wants to then… it’s their life, they are entitled to.

If makeup somehow wasn’t invented (:O) what would you replace it with?
I would invent make up and replace it with my own brand ‘Seriously Shit'.

Do you bite your nails?
Yes, sometimes.

Back to miscellaneous stuff I guess

If you could know the date you were going to die, would you want to know?
Nope and nope, I’m a person who can’t help but contemplate death and stuff like this makes me wanna nope nope nope.

Which five celebs would be on your “list”?
This question is v saucy! Kit Harrington, Eddie Redmayne, Alycia Debnam Carey, Nicki Minaj, Emma Watson.

If you only had 24 hours to live how would you spend it?
Tbh I would probably panic for approximately 4 hours and spend the other 20 trying to leave a legacy… what a depressing question.

Do you have a favourite book?
At the moment I’m reading Gone Girl, it’s so gripping! My other faves include 1984, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Philomena etc etc

Do you watch any American tv, if so what is your favourite?
I love trashy American telly; I think it comes from my childhood of watching Disney. I watch shows like Biggest Loser USA, Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives of whatever bloody county without shame haha.

Why don’t you make youtube videos?
I have ideas but am too shy shy.

What is your favourite type of sandwhich?
TUNA, I don't eat meat

What is your favourite reality tv show?
Does Gogglebox count?

What wesbite do you visit the most besides youtube, blogger & facebook?

Who is your favourite makeup guru?
Zoella, Melanie Murphy and Michelle Phan.

How do you make your blog interesting?
I think by writing about topics that YOU enjoy and people with similar interests will find you that way.

Do you like stationary?
Yeah I love when the pens are in colour coordinated area too (reds with oranges then oranges with yellows mmmm)

Are you into Ghost hunting?
Yes! I’m really into supernatural/ spiritual stuff like ghosts, tarot/ angel cards etc…

What is your favourite Disney film?
Classic Disney is Tangled, Disney Pixar is Toy Story

Whats your favourite desert?
Chocolate cheesecake but only a little cause it's sickly.

Do you like swimming?
Yea I suppose, preferably in an ocean somewhere exotic.

Do you drink juice?
Yeh its ok, refreshing!

What’s your favourite movie?
I love Tarantino so Pulp fiction and Kill Bill all the way!!!!! I also love Star Wars (the first three with Carrie Fisher and Harrsion Ford etc) and Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban.

Do you eat fries with a fork?
Depends if I care about how I’m presenting myself; I wouldn’t eat with my hands in front of the Queen would I?

Do you like cookies?
Probably my favourite biscuits are Maryland so yes!

If you could move anywhere, where would it be?
I would love to live in a city area like London, Paris or New York, always busy and lively!

Savoury or sweet?
Savoury fo’sure, I always have salted popcorn and people think I’m disgusting.

If you had to describe yourself as a fruit, what fruit would you be?
A pear: big hips, tough on outside but a big sofite inside really. And a little green.

Favourite flower?
Daisies, purely because I love making daisy chains and my favourite perfume is called ‘Daisy’

Favourite colour?
I can’t choose a specific; I love royal and rich colours like gold, ruby and navy blue (I’m having an eye-gasm thinking of them)

Do you drink energy drinks?
Sometimes, I'm not a big fan tbh.

Do you drink coffee?
Bleh, no I’m a tea person.

If you could have a dinner party with 5 celebrities, dead or alive, who would you invite?
THIS IS A REALLY HARD QUESTION YOU HAVE NO IDEA BUT: John Lennon, J.K Rowling, Henry VIII, Caitlin Moran and Shrek.

If you actually read this, thank you! I'm just lil' old me but this was really fun to do! 
I always appreciate feedback so don't be afraid to leave a comment!

Please take a moment to appreciate what I looked like in 2009...

Saturday, 5 March 2016


This personal blog is seriously lacking in my own commitment, I say personal because it's public but who really reads these?

I said it would happen to myself because of the fact that I am an extreme procrastinator and ironically enough; this post is a result of procrastinating from school-related tasks.

But anyway... I am writing to raise the topic of bisexuality, which I believe is an extremely important subject whilst also being interesting to delve in to. Personally, I choose not to explicitly label myself but I do believe that everyone should feel they can-- as being in the LGBTQA+ community does provide many with a sense of identity and purpose, whilst meeting like-minded people along the way!

So without further ado, lets get the formalities out of the way.

Bisexuality is often described as the "romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behaviour toward both males and females" which basically indicates that bisexuals are cool with having a boyfriend or a girlfriend or sleeping with/ having feelings for both men and women. Bisexuality shouldn't be confused with pansexuality/omnisexuality-- whom often describe themselves as 'gender blind'; they are often attracted to "transmen, transwomen, intersex people, androgynous people, and everything else". Bisexuals are more inclusive to two genders

Don't fret if you're confused, as are many people. It is okay to not completely understand labels as the words are long, complicated and there are a lot of them. But please do not turn a blind eye; keep an open mind-- at the end of the day it all boils down to love and feelings, so why should we question it? Sexuality is not always black and white.

The stigma surrounding bisexuals

Everyone's heard it; "bisexuals are greedy", "bisexuals are just experimenting/confused", "bisexuals are just deciding which gender to settle with", "it's just a phase". Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing it. And the worst part? Bisexuals are often looked down on by members of the LGBTQA+ community, where they are meant to be most accepted! (After all, what do you think the 'B' stands for? Bicycles)? The reason behind this is perhaps because bisexuality is such a grey area compared to people who are adamantly gay or lesbian, for example: some bi people feel more attracted to one gender but are still bisexual, some may enjoy sex with both but romance with one but are still bisexual, some may have not had relationships with both yet but are still bisexual. As you can see, yes, it is more complicated than being sexually and romantically attracted to one gender and many lesbians/gays are put off by the idea of dating bisexuals:

"What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals" from Youtuber Arielle Scarcella is a video in which I found to be mildly irritating and bewildering at the same time.

The video included a bunch of 'elitist'/ 'gold star'/ close-minded lesbians being interviewed by Arielle on what they think of bisexual women. Astonishingly, it's clear that a few of the women on there believe sexuality should either be straight or gay, chocolate or cheese, black or white: very rarely was a positive comment made. These members who claim to be a part of the LGBTQA+ community regard bis with such wonderful words;"greedy", "confused", and "messy", it is a wonder why bisexuals feel discriminated against! What especially made me almost question whether these women had been outside was when the one with the striped shirt describes bi people as being "rare... like unicorns". Give me strength!

Well, lady with the striped shirt. According to the fabulous findings of Gary J.Gates from the Williams Institute: among adults who identify with LGB, bisexuals compromise a slight majority (1.8% compared to 1.7% who identify as lesbian and gay). These results were taken from nine surveys conducted in the past seven years in different continents, sounds pretty legit to me! (I recommend reading into the other results, interesting stuff)!

Anyway, it has literally been proven that people who self-identify as bisexuals are eating, living, breathing everywhere and yet people still think they are rare or confused or greedy? In my opinion, the concept of bisexuality is not celebrated and embraced as much as others. From this video, it appears that many are being silenced and overpowered by their own community. I believe the only way we can highlight this issue, is by openly talking about it, sharing it, accepting it!

Amazing people who are also bisexual

I would like to end this on a positive note, and what better way to finish other than demolishing the disastrous stigma of bisexuality and telling a love story?

Rosie Spaughton is a wife, vegan, outspoken beautiful bisexual and YouTube personality, she also has a blog on here under 'Roxeterawr'! In which she blogs about health, lifestyle and beauty and all that jazz...

I began watching her and her wife Rose Dix back in 2013 under the channel RoseEllenDix (although they were not married at the time) and feel like a proud mother (even though I'm quite a bit younger than them) watching their social media presence grow and alongside that their household, I'm so excited for children!!!  They are truly a funny pair and their hilarious anecdotes and witty banter make them unique to the majority of YouTube personalities; my favourite videos are literally just them sitting down on the sofa and talking about anything and everything.

Alongside this, Rosie also has her own YouTube channel (TheRoxetera) which mainly consists of day-in-the-life style vlogs. However, she has recently started a segment called 'The Bisexy Series' which, as the name suggests, surrounds the topic of bisexuality!

Rosie brilliantly begins the series by bluntly addressing the question that many bisexuals are asked:
who's better in bed? A man or a woman? First of all, she acknowledges that her experience as being bisexual may be different to others and she is not "trying to preach about what is right/ wrong" but is doing this to "bust some myths".

Then the question, for which she says that you cannot just generalise a WHOLE gender into one category of being better at sex; we are all our own person and whether you are good at sex or not is up to the you and not your gender. Factors contributing to this are "how comfortable you feel with this person, how long you've known them, how sexy you're feeling, how body conscious you are, whether you're being treated right, whether you're being forced into something or you're doing it willingly".

She really hits the nail on the head with the stigma surrounding bisexuals: insecurity of others. Referring back to the previous video, the lesbian women expressed insecurities and their concern of the 'greedy' bisexual, would she miss penis and cheat? To this general thought process Rosie simply says "no" and "nothing is lacking when I am with a woman, that is why I'm bisexual". She also addresses insecurity with men she has experienced: "a man could think I would be 100% satisfied with a woman and not need him". At the end of the day whether someone will cheat or leave you doesn't depend on "bisexuality but on personality". You go girl.