Thursday, 9 April 2015

Gym??? What??? You work out???


My SECOND post (I am more proud than I should be)

Currently I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop and have just came back from an extremely tiring work out at the gym. Side note: I'm eating a ham and salad YES SALAD sandwich whilst typing this because working out gives me the nibbles.

And no, I have not been going to the gym for eternity; I am certainly NOT as fit as I want to be, I still struggle with breathing with my asthma and motivation and just genuinely moving...

HOWEVER, I have got to say that joining the gym and spending £20 a month (cries a little because money) that would probably be spent on things and stuff has been put to GOOD use!!! I am actually exercising!!!

People may argue that working out at home costs nothing blah blah blah but when you're like me and struggle with motivating yourself, then the gym is the place for you! (I'm not sponsored by the gym or anything) Quite frankly I don't earn a lot and when my money is spent I make sure I put it to good use; I believe that the reason I work out at least 3 times a week is because I would feel I have given money away if I didn't go.

Money is my motivation ;) (cringes a little)

So yeah, that is how I stay slightly fit and hopefully as time goes on I'll be super muscly and stuff.

Diet? Like food? Well, I'm working on eating healthy; you can't give up everything can you?

Ta ta for now!
P.s Sorry for getting a little paragraph happy in this blog but well... I felt like it.

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